During 1934 and 1935 two housing surveys were made in rural Iowa. One included 18,789 farm dwellings and the other 8,798 dwellings in Iowa towns and villages of less than 2,500 population.1 The information thus secured has created much interest in housing, and many questions have been asked as to why dwellings are not in better condition, why more of them do not have modern improvements, what can be done to improve them. It is hoped that this analysis and the suggestions herein contained will be helpful in shaping policies and programs which have to do with improved housing. Attention is confined to farm housing. Certain changes stimulating better farm housing will promote improvement in the housing of the village, town and city. Situations peculiar to these are not considered in this bulletin. They are of sufficient importance to warrant special treatment.

This bulletin is addressed primarily to those who are interested not so much in their individual homes as in farm housing in general. The average householder will find in it some practical suggestions. Its principal value to him will lie in developing a fuller understanding of the factors affecting housing in his community.



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