Volume 4 (1898)

Number 37
Sugar beet investigations--1897.

Number 38
The Russian thistle.

Number 39
Weeds of corn fields.

Number 40
The relation of acid fermentation to butter flavor and aroma.

Number 41
Some reports from trial stations on new orchard fruits and shrubs.

Number 42
Horse nettle as a troublesome weed in Iowa. Two other troublesome weeds. Potato scab.

Number 43
Some injurious scale insects.

Number 44
Observations and suggestions on the root-killing of fruit trees.

Number 45
Field experiments with corn, oats, barley, wheat, brome grass, rape. Sorghum, soy beans, cow peas, and sugar beets.

Number 46
Facts and opinions about plums and plum growing in Iowa

Number 47
Notes on vegetables.

Number 48
Economical production of beef.