An extensive system of experiments with field crops was begun at the Station in the spring of ’98. The results of many of these are not ready for publication as it requires several years for their verification. The purpose of these notes is to give some information regarding the principal varieties of farm crops grown in Iowa.

It is not our policy to advocate the multiplication of varieties, but rather to encourage the improvement of those recognized as standard. It must not be understood, however, that varieties not mentioned here are to be regarded as worthless. If results compare favorably with those herein contained, it is not advised that any change be made in the seed used. In addition to the use of good varieties, there are other factors which contribute to success in growing crops, among which soil cultivation and rotation play an important part. It might be mentioned here that clover is given a place every fourth year in our rotation. This, together with the proper care and application of manure, enables us to keep the soil in a high state of fertility.



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