Volume 6 (1901)

Number 57
Experiments in curing cheese

Number 58
Parturient paralysis and the Schmidt treatment.

Number 59
A bacteriological study of the college creamery milk supply, A case of putrid butter, Purification of milk by the centrifugal separator

Number 60
The Aphididae of North America.

Number 61
Miscellaneous notes on fungus diseases of plants. The Canada thistle and dandelion. A few of the common fleshy fungi of Ames.

Number 62
A study on the germination and growth of Leguminosae, especially with reference to small and large seed

Number 63
Finishing western wethers on grass and grain for early summer market.

Number 64
Notes on strawberries.

Number 65
The results of a swine feeding experiment

Number 66
The results of a cattle feeding test

Number 67
The chemical composition of food preservatives. Solutions for testing cream and milk.

Number 68
Selecting and preparing seed corn.

Number 69
The chicken mite.

Number 70
Some weeds of Iowa