During the fall of 1901 Miss Estella Rhinehart brought into the laboratory a fungus on the cow pea which caused the leaves to be covered with brown rusty spots. On closer examination this proved to be a genuine rust, Uromyces appendiculatus (Pers.) Link. After looking through the literature I had on hand I was unable to find this rust recorded on this host. The fungus appeared however to be identical with one described on the common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris). Wallroth1 described the aecidium stage as Aecidium Phaseolorum. Saccardo2 does not record the fungus on the cow pea.

The bean rust was first described by Persoon3 as Uredo appendiculata, and then as U. appendiculata var. Phaseoli,4 while Winter5 called the fungus U. Phaseoli. Schweinitz6 an early American mycologist called the fungus Puccinia Phaseoli-trilobi. It is mentioned in numerous mycological works in Europe, by Sorauer, Frank, Tubeuf, Prillienx, Comes and others. Several American writers have described the fungus. Of these we may mention Halsted, Beach, Irish, Thaxter. In addition it is recorded by Trelease, Davis, Galloway, the writer, Ellis, and others.



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