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Notes on strawberries.


The following pages give the results of a variety test of strawberries begun in the spring of 1899. At this time seventy-five varieties were set in plats ten feet long and each plat containing two rows, four feet apart and the plants twelve inches apart in the row, so that each plat contained twenty plants. The matted row system of culture was used, and the plants were allowed to spread until they formed rows about two feet wide. In the spring of 1900 seventeen more varieties were added to the plantation. The results obtained from the plantation in 1900 were not satisfactory on account of invasion of marauders which interferred with the data of yields and the yields in this report are based on the results obtained in 1901, wtih reference, where the results semed to justify same, made to the yield of 1900. The notes on growth of plants, blossoming period and cultural notes cover the two seasons.



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