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Some weeds of Iowa


During the year the Department of Botany receives a great many requests for information on the subject of weeds. These requests come from all parts of the state. Many different kinds of plants are sent in. Some of course, more frequently than others. The writer at different times has given accounts of weeds in the Experiment Station Bulletins. Most of these bulletins are now out of print. It seems advisable, therefore, to re-issue a limited edition to supply the demand for information on this topic. In addition to this we have given a somewhat comprehensive account of the migration of weeds and the dissemination of plants. We have likewise included an account of some poisonous plants, inasmuch as several cases of poisoning from Cowbane occurred during the present spring season. It is our purpose later to publish a more extended account of weeds, especially on many points pertaining to the vitality of weed seeds, their extermination, distribution, etc. In order to answer some of the many queries this bulletin is published.



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