Volume 8 (1905)

Number 84
Cedar apple fungi and apple rust in Iowa

Number 85
Spraying calendar

Number 86
Investigation of concentrated commercial feed stuffs as sold in Iowa.

Number 87
Condimental stock foods and tonics.

Number 88
The vitality, adulteration and impurities of Clover, Alfalfa and Timothy seed for sale in Iowa in 1906.

Number 89
Spraying calendar.

Number 90
Evergreens for the Iowa planter

Number 91
Experiments in swine feeding. The value of corn and supplementary feeds for pork production.

Number 92
Tuberculosis in swine

Number 93
Comparative values of alcohol and gasoline for light and power.

Number 94
A new soil sampler

Number 95
The maintenance of fertility with special reference to the Missouri loess

Number 96