During the past eighteen months the Chemical Section has received for examination 43 different brands of Condimental Stock Foods. Nearly every drug store and every feed store, in addition to a large number of agents, are offering this class of foods to the consuming public. The amount annually expended for these commodities runs into thousands of dollars. The “virtue” lying in the drugs of which such foods and tonics are compounded is so varied that (if the statements of some Condimental Food Companies are reliable) almost any one of these products will cure Texas Fever” which is caused by a tick and tuberculosis which is caused by a germ. The same dose of the same mixture will loosen the bowels when they are constipated and tighten them when they are scouring. It will prevent “abortion, milk fever, and red water” and “is a great preventative against blackleg in cattle. It cures catarrh, flukes and liver rot in sheep; distemper, glanders, nasal gleet and pink eye in horses,” and “meases in either man or beast.” It cures “ staggers, stunt and thrumps; cholera and kidney worms in hogs.”



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