Volume 9 (1908)

Number 97
Method of determining the moisture content of butter.

Number 98
Clover growing on the loess and till soils of southern Iowa.

Number 99
Results of seed investigations for 1907.

Number 100
Modern silo construction

Number 101
A study of the moisture in butter.

Number 102
The lesser apple leaf-folder

Number 103
The use of starters in butter-making

Number 104
Some plant diseases of 1908

Number 105
Notes on eradication of weeds, with experiments made in 1907 and 1908

Number 106
Preparation of corn for hogs

Number 107
Tuberculosis and its detection

Number 108
Cold storage for Iowa apples

Number 109
The value of corn, oil meal, cottonseed meal, and gluten feed in work horse rations

Number 110
Roots, and corn silage for fattening lambs