To throw some light on the subject of succulence for winter fattening of lambs, with especial reference to the use of corn silage in that capacity, a series of experiments was conducted during three winters, beginning December, 1906. These experiments were planned to indicate the principal results attending the feeding of succulent feed to fattening lambs and to furnish a comparison between the old time special crops for this purpose, and corn silage, the only succulent feed practicable for winter use on an extensive scale. The immediate objects of the work were as follows:

1. To compare a ration of grain and hay for fattening lambs with rations containing succulent feed.

2. To compare sugar beets, mangels, turnips, rutabagas, cabbage, and corn silage as sources of succulence for fattening lambs.

3. To determine whether succulent feed is essential to rapid gains, high condition, and quality of finish.



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