Bulletin P


The Iowa Com Yield Test makes available to purchasers and producers alike the performance records of different kinds of corn. Many of these kinds are offered for sale to Iowa farmers. If these performance records are properly studied they should help the purchaser to select the com best adapted for his purposes. The testing fields of the Iowa Com Yield Test were located in 12 systematically scattered areas of the state. The data should, therefore, be helpful to the seed producer by indicating the range of adaptation of the different strains and hybrid combinations and the performance under different soil and climatic conditions. Nine out of 10 corn acres in Iowa are planted to hybrid corn. It is, therefore, important to determine the adaptation and performance of various combinations in different parts of the state. The data presented in this bulletin include acre yield, lodging, maturity, dropped ears and damaged kernels. Significant differences in yield between different kinds of corn with equal stands, grown in adequately replicated tests, may be attributed to genetic differences under the environmental conditions of the test.



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