Bulletin P


The family farm is the most fundamental economic institution in American civilization. It has given character to the whole of American life. This is true of the family farm in all parts of the country. It has stimulated idealism, economic and social reform, nationalism and independence. It has strengthened democracy and individualism. The influence of the family farm in shaping the development of American social institutions hardly can be overestimated. The farm family has been regarded as characteristic of all that is good in family life. It has made important contributions to democracy and to representative government by putting democratic theories into practice on a large scale. The farm family makes democracy a truly national achievement in our country.

The importance of the family farm as a fundamental concept of the American way of life is based on two definite and interrelated assumptions: first, that the family farm, as conceived by the founders of the republic, is the comer stone of a democratic rural America; and, second, that it is the tangible expression of a sound philosophy of agriculture without which we cannot have a sound nation. The family farm constitutes today, as it has in the past, the fulfillment of the hopes and the aspirations of millions of people.



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