Bulletin P


When democracy is challenged there comes to its people a test of their worthiness of the citizenship enjoyed. That the test is too little publicized and that it is too often ignored by those failing to measure up to it makes it no less rigorous, no less demanding and no less indicative of possible service to democracy. An understanding of the test entails a knowledge of the privileges extended to those people, the obligations incurred, the obstacles in the way of the fullest enjoyment of that citizenship and the opportunities offered.

Not only are American citizens guaranteed certain often-mentioned rights, but most may enjoy many privileges in which they take pride. Not only is one guaranteed certain rights upon which his life and liberty are believed to depend, but certain privileges are extended to him for the benefit of the community. Not only is his life and liberty protected from others, but he and his fellows may have an appropriate part in determining the conditions under which they live and have liberty.



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