Bulletin P

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Fur-bearers and game mammals of Iowa


Most people are interested in those mammals which are classed as game, but only a few have a knowledge of their private lives. A first-hand understanding of the intimate habits of these animals is the privilege of only seasoned trappers, naturalists and workers engaged in scientific research. To some, interest in the habits of mammals is heightened by comparing certain traits with those displayed by humans. In order that as many people as possible may become acquainted with those wild forms which inhabit the fields, forests, lakes and the water courses, this bulletin presents condensed accounts of the general characteristics of game mammals found in Iowa.

Many and heated are the discussions about wildlife—for example, the nature and appearance of newly born opossums, and the red fox in relation to the pheasant. By presenting pertinent facts about each species, their habits will become better known. This information should result in good management practices and as a consequence a betterment of our fur and game resources, which have been subjected to excessive harvesting.

An understanding of all phases of life histories is necessary if corrective management is to become a reality instead of a theory.

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