Bulletin P


It is the purpose of the Farm Service Guide to list and describe the services Iowa farmers may obtain directly from their national, state and local governments. There is only a limited amount of new information in this bulletin, for practically all the facts it contains are already in print—somewhere. The value of the Guide will consist mainly in the convenience of having a ready index to all those governmental services which have been established for farm people, but of which they cannot avail themselves without first knowing of their existence and knowing how to apply for them. The Guide is in a sense a by-product of a broad survey of national, state and local administrative relationships in all governmental agricultural programs affecting rural Iowa.

Most of the services described in the Guide may be secured free. There are some for which a charge is required, but no effort has been made to indicate them separately here. Your county agent will ordinarily be able to tell you which services carry a charge and how much it is.



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