Bulletin P


On April 6, 1917, the United States of America declared war. Throughout the country communities marshalled forces to meet the situation. Today the United States is engaged in another war, which is creating problems of social and economic war planning on dimensions greater than those of the war in 1917-18.

As the defense effort expands each community will face a notable increase in organized group activities, in new integrating organizations, heightened enthusiasm expressed in rallies and campaigns, new regulations of private lives.

Everyone today recognizes that war involves readjustments in our society. Economic and political adjustments are obviously serious. Equally drastic are the necessary modifications in family life, in churches, in recreation, in education, in the innumerable activities which in peacetime follow so normal a routine that we accept them as a matter of course. These problems are no less vital to the welfare of our people than the effects of war upon land values and prices of farm products. The preservation of a democratic way of life depends upon the actions and attitude of all members of the nation in their local communities. The successful adjustment of individuals to these changes, and the organization of our energies for effective prosecution of the war require an understanding of the problems which will be involved.



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