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Fruits for the family


Strawberries, plums, currants and gooseberries can be grown in all parts of the state. Red and black raspberries, though equally distributed regionally, are capricious in their reaction to soils, water supply and diseases. They may be a success on one piece of ground and a failure on the one adjoining. Grapes are well adapted to central and southern Iowa and they withstand considerable abuse and still yield some fruit nearly every year. Plums are the most widely adapted and apples the most popular fruits in the home orchard, but only hardy varieties resistant to disease should be planted. They must, along with the rest of the fruit garden, be protected from farm animals and cared for properly after planting, if they are to be successful. The common red cherries and two or three varieties of hardy pears should be included in home orchards in the south half of the state. Peach, nectarine, apricot and quince cannot be recommended as dependable for long life or production in any section, but many people will want to plant a few of them and be satisfied with an occasional crop.



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