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Farm petroleum delivery


The critical rubber situation resulting- from the present war emergency, together with the pending acute shortage of trucks due to the shifting of a major portion of the automotive industry to defense contracts, has placed the spotlight on trucking and delivery systems throughout the nation. Agricultural production depends largely on power equipment and on a petroleum distribution system for fueling it. Under present conditions it is particularly vital that an adequate and efficient delivery system be maintained.

According to the 1940 U. S. census, 54 out of 100 Iowa farmers have tractors, 90 have automobiles and 11 have trucks. In addition, gas engines for power and many other types of petroleum-using equipment are found on Iowa farms. The value of petroleum products bought by Iowa farmers in 1941 is estimated at nearly 40 million dollars. The light material (gasoline, kerosene and tractor fuels) used is estimated at 235 million gallons.



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