Bulletin P


There is much evidence that the education provided for the farm children who attend the one-room schools of the state is distinctly inferior to that available to the children who live in the towns and cities. Teachers are not, in general, so well prepared for their work. Repeated tests have shown that the instruction given by them is generally less effective than that provided in the elementary grades of urban school systems. Not so many of the pupils, in proportion to their total number, complete the eighth grade as of town and city children. Those who do so are permitted to attend approved high schools with their tuition paid by their home districts, but they must furnish their own transportation to such schools or live away from home. As a result, the percentage of the children living in these districts who attend high school is less than three-fourths as great as is that of urban children; and the proportion continuing their education beyond the high school is not more than one-third as great.



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