Bulletin P


The sandy soils of the Buckner series in Muscatine and Louisa Counties are used mainly for vegetable crops. Yields of sweet potatoes, muskmelons and watermelons are good in favorable seasons. Sandy soils suitable for sweet potato production are present in other parts of Iowa, but those north of Muscatine County are too far north for maximum production. Muskmelons and watermelons can be grown farther north, but the greatest area of commercial production in Iowa is in Muscatine and Louisa Counties.

There are about 6,700 acres of Buckner coarse sand in Muscatine County. This soil dries out rapidly, and irrigation by either furrow or overhead rotary sprinkler system is a common practice with commercial growers in this district. There are several thousand acres of fine sands and sandy loams, in addition to the Buckner coarse sand, in Muscatine, Louisa, Lee and adjacent counties. These soils are also well suited for sweet potato and melon production.



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