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Lamb production


The beginner in the sheep business should understand the present-day demand for quality lambs and wool. If he will start with the right kind of sheep and follow time-proved practices which will yield a quality product, he has every reason to expect satisfactory returns.

Economy in production is important. Sheep will utilize many weeds and unharvested crops that otherwise could not be sold. The beginner must realize, however, that he cannot rely entirely upon these cheap feeds if he is to produce quality lambs and wool; there are critical periods when better feed and care are required.

For greatest returns a knowledge of sheep is essential. This can be attained only through experience, acquired by giving the necessary time and attention to the flock at critical periods such as breeding time, the lambing season and when the lambs are young. However, one can learn much about the sheep business from the experience of others. Bulletins may be of value in pointing out proved practices. They may be used as a guide and as a reference to which one can turn when new problems present themselves.



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