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Farm ponds for Iowa


Every farm must have an adequate water supply which can be depended upon for livestock during periods of extended drouth. Many farmers in southern Iowa depend upon their farm ponds as a,principal source of water or to supplement their wells. A well planned and constructed farm pond may be what you need to insure an adequate supply of water on your farm at all times if your present water supply is not dependable.

A farm pond will be a ready source of water for many years if properly planned, constructed and maintained. Before investing money in a farm pond, however, consider a number of important problems. Then decide what is best for you and your farm. Your county extension director or technician of your local soil conservation district may be able to help plan the pond.

A farm pond, in addition to its usefulness in providing water for livestock, can serve other important needs on the farm. The pond can supply water for fire protection, limited irrigation, orchard and crop spraying, fish production, recreation and waterfowl. A pond properly planned and maintained can be stocked with fish and thereby be a source of food as well as provide sport for the family or neighbors.



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