Bulletin P


This bulletin presents the results of the 1948 Iowa Corn Yield Test. The purpose of the test is to determine the value of hybrids for all parts of Iowa.

In 1948 there were 326 entries. The state was divided into four sections and these sections were divided into 12 districts. You will find a map in the bulletin showing the division of the state and approximate location of the cooperating farms where the hybrids were tested.

The test is open to all producers of hybrid corn seed. In addition to the entries made by seed producers, the Iowa Corn and Small Growers’ Association entered 10 of the most widely grown hybrids in each section of Iowa. These 10 were determined by a survey of farmers throughout the state.

In the back of the bulletin, you’ll find an index listing the hybrids tested in 1948. The index also lists the tables showing the performance of each entry.



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