Bulletin P


The question and answer method has been used in the preparation of this little book, not because this was the easy way to write it, but because most of us seem to look at our problems one at a time.

The 151 questions included are not all that might be or have been asked me. But they are the ones that have been brought to me most frequently at feeders’ meetings and by mail in recent years. Some are fundamental; others are perhaps of minor importance but apparently of general interest.

You will find that many of the questions deal with marketing. We are thinking now of marketing in the broader sense—the purchase of cattle as well as the sale. With these question on marketing are many others relating to feeding and management.

No claim is made for originality in the answers. They are gleaned from experimental trials, experience, observation or whatever reliable sources might be available. Frequently they have been “lifted” (usually without credit) almost word for word from other publications.

Your questions and our answers are presented informally, in related sections, and are indexed; we hope this will make them easy to find. We also hope they will be of some use, particularly to the inexperienced cattle feeder.



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