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Trees of Iowa


Trees, of all nature’s creations, are probably our closest friends. They enter every aspect of our lives and contribute to most of our necessities and luxuries.

Economically, they are indispensable. Without them our whole way of life would be greatly changed. That is why an acquaintanceship with the trees of our state goes beyond a pleasant experience to an obligation. To be able to recognize them by name and to know something of the many uses to which they are put is a worthy achievement.

Man’s dependence on wood is as old as man himself. Since man first learned that a tree branch picked up from the forest floor made it easier to obtain a better dinner, win arguments with a neighbor or protect himself against attack in the deep forests, he has used wood throughout his life. When he discovered that a stone tied to the end of this stick made a more effective weapon, he took a long stride toward the solution of such problems as food, shelter, clothing and defense.



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