Bulletin P


This publication reports the results of the forty-second annual Iowa Com Yield Test and lists comparative data for many of the com hybrids being sold in Iowa. The presentation of the data does not imply approval or endorsement of any of the hybrids tested by the authors or by the agencies sponsoring or conducting the testing.

The state was divided into 12 districts, and two test fields were planted in each district as shown on the map (fig. 1) l In addition, two maturity fields were planted at Ankeny and Kanawha m 1960 and 1961 Table A lists the name and address of each cooperator in 1961 and also the planting and harvesting dates for each field for the past 4 years.

Entries were limited to those entered by producers of seed, by the Iowa Crop Improvement Association, and to those entered jointly by the Department of Agronomy and the United States Department of Agriculture. Seed for testing was obtained by representatives of the Iowa Crop Improvement Association from supplies of seed to be sold. Each sample for testing was taken from several bags and, often, from seed sources at more than one location.



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