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potential clientele of the Land Grant institutions are challenged by a series of events involving change and adjustment. In many instances, these challenges are different quantitatively and qualitatively from those faced in the past.

The Land Grant College system is one of the institutions most responsible for the stepped-up rate of change in agriculture and the resultant pressure for adjustment. As farmers and agricultural businesses adjust to changing agricultural conditions, so must the institutions serving farmers and the rest of agriculture, So the pressures for adjustment come full circle; the technological inputs developed within Land Grant Colleges and fed into agriculture in turn build pressure for adjustment by Land Grant Colleges,

Many Land Grant College leaders have taken the initiative in studying the implication of these developments for our programs of extension teaching and research, To provide a setting for further analysis and reflection by Land Grant College administrators, Colorado State University and the Center for Agricultural and Economic Adjustment of Iowa State University sponsored a "Seminar On The Implication of Agricultural Adjustments for Land Grant College Administrators".

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Center for Agricultural and Economic Adjustment, Iowa State College


Ames, IA


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Seminar on implications of agricultural adjustments for land grant college administrators