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Rural America is undergoing analysis—by itself and by its city cousins. There is a distinct awareness that something is changing drastically down on the farm. There is a vague awareness that the farm and its changes markedly affect the entire rural community. Government agencies 1 groups of private citizens, churches I schools 1 Main Street and industry have all voiced a concern and have initiated programs dealing with transitions of agriculture in specific areas. Basically I it is for the "people" in rural America that concern is expressed. The businessman knows that fewer farms means fewer farmers. Fewer farmers can mean fewer customers for some of the goods and services offered on Main Street. The factory supervisor knows he already has a surplus of unskilled labor. The minister sees a rising cost and many social problems in maintaining his congregation in a shifting population area. School authorities ponder over reorganization plans.

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Center for Agricultural and Economic Development, Iowa State University


Ames, IA


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