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Model Predictive Control - Recent Design and Implementations for Varied Applications




When the manipulated variable (MV) has significantly large time delay in changing the control variable (CV), use of the currently measured CV in the feedback error can result in very deficient feedback control (FBC). However, control strategies that use forecast modeling to estimate future CV values and use them in the feedback error have the potential to control as well as a feedback controller with no MV deadtime using the measured value of CV. This work evaluates and compares FBC algorithms using discrete-time forecast modeling when MV has a large deadtime. When a feedforward control (FFC) law results in a physically unrealizable (PU) controller, the common approach is to use approximations to obtain a physically realizable feedforward controller. Using a discrete-time forecast modeling method, this work demonstrates an effective approach for PU FFC. The Smith Predictor is a popular control strategy when CV has measurement deadtime but not MV deadtime. The work demonstrates equivalency of this discrete-time forecast modeling approach to the Smith Predictor FBC approach. Thus, this work demonstrates effectiveness of the discrete-time forecast modeling approach for FBC with MV or DV deadtime and PU FFC.


This book chapter is published as Rollins, Derrick K. "Use of Discrete-Time Forecast Modeling to Enhance Feedback Control and Physically Unrealizable Feedforward Control with Applications." In Model Predictive Control - Recent Design and Implementations for Varied Applications, edited by Umar Zakir Abdul Hamid and Ahmad 'Athif Mohd Faudzi. InTech Open, 2021. DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.99340. Posted with permission.

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