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Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

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Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting

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TRB 94th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papers

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January 11-15, 2015


Washington DC


Noise produced from the tyre - road surface interface is one of the most important contributions to the overall traffic noise, and there is an increasing requirement for predicting the trye - road noise leaves prior to road construction in the Netherlands. In practice, a model with a simple structure as well as a high accuracy is applicable in road engineering. And material properties are preferred to be used as input variables of the prediction model, which will facilitate the pavement design. Based on these considerations, models are developed for evaluating the tyre - road noise from the asphalt mixture compositions and road surface characteristics. They are statistical models developed from the measurements on thin layer surfacings in the Netherlands. Different regression methods, model types and input variable combinations are taken into account. The selection of the model is due to the fitness of the prediction and validation by using measurement data from in service road sections. Two models are finally selected which evaluate the tyre - road noise level from the surface characteristics and from material properties respectively. By using these models, only a small number of input variables are required and liable predictions can be provided. The models achieved in this study can be used for predicting the tyre - road noise generation in road engineering and investigating the influence of surface characteristics and material properties on tyre - road noise levels.


This paper was peer-reviewed by TRB and presented at the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C. It can be cited as Li, M., W. van Keulen, H. Ceylan, M. F. C. van de Ven, and A. A. A. Molenaar, "Statistical Model of Tyre-Road Noise for Thin Layer Surfacing." Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting, no. 15-5544. 2015. Posted with permission.

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