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Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

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2016 International Conference on Transportation and Development

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International Conference on Transportation and Development 2016

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Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering



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June 26–29, 2016


Houston, TX


Historically, asphalt mixtures in Minnesota have been produced with fine gradations. However, recently more coarse-graded mixtures are being produced as they require less asphalt binder. Thus, it is important that pavement performance for coarse gradations be evaluated. Within this research work, performance evaluation took place with the use of the Dynamic Modulus Test in Indirect Tension mode on coarsegraded mixtures consisting of field cores from 9 different pavements located in five districts of Minnesota. From each pavement’s surface layer, 3 specimens were tested at three temperatures; 0.4°C, 17.1°C, and 33.8°C each at nine frequencies ranging between 0.1 Hz and 25 Hz. Additional volumetric characterization of the field mixtures was done to determine asphalt content, air voids, and blended aggregate gradations. Asphalt binders were extracted and recovered for use in determining binder shear complex master curves. Through this information the modified Witczak model was used to create │E*│ master curves which were then compared against the indirect tension (IDT) test │E*│ experimentally created master curves. From the results the Modified Witczak Model needs to be modified for IDT collected dynamic modulus data.


This is a manuscript of a proceeding published as Ghasemi, Parnian, Joseph Podolsky, R. Christopher Williams, and Eshan Dave. "Performance Evaluation of Coarse-Graded Field Mixtures Using Dynamic Modulus Results Gained from Testing in the Indirect Tension Mode." In International Conference on Transportation and Development 2016, pp. 1111-1121. 2016. DOI: 10.1061/9780784479926.099. Posted with permission.

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