Dynamic Solvation in Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids on Short Time Scales

Lindsay Sanders Headley, Iowa State University
Prasun Mukherjee, Iowa State University
Jared L. Anderson, Iowa State University
Rongfang Ding, Iowa State University
Mintu Halder, Iowa State University
Daniel W. Armstrong, Iowa State University
Xueyu Song, Iowa State University
Jacob W. Petrich, Iowa State University

Reprinted (adapted) with permission from Journal of Physical Chemistry A 110 (2006): 9549, doi:10.1021/jp0606964. Copyright 2006 American Chemical Society.


Steady-state and time-resolved Stokes shift data for the probe coumarin 153 in two imidazoles, six imidazolium-based ionic liquids, and several other solvents are presented. These results are consistent with our original suggestion (J. Phys. Chem. B 2004, 108, 10245−10255) that initial solvation is dominated by the organic moiety of the ionic liquid, and they show that for the imidazole-based liquids initial solvation is in all cases very rapid. Solvation by methylimidazole and butylimidazole is complete in 100 ps, and all of the imidazolium ionic liquids demonstrate similarly rapid initial solvation. Owing to the importance of determining the amount of initial solvation that is missed in a given experiment with finite time resolution, we discuss a method of estimating the intramolecular contribution to the reorganization energy. This method yields 2068 cm-1 and is compared with an alternative method.