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Human Development and Family Studies, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


This work documents the requirements gathering process for the design of a Readiness Assurance Test (RAT) tool to be used in online Team Based Learning (TBL) classrooms. Gathering requirements is the first step in the User-Centered Design (UCD) process. After gathering requirements for the tool, a preliminary design would be created, implemented, and evaluated. The process would then start again with requirements gathering for the next design iteration.

Team Based Learning has been shown to provide positive learning outcomes in face to face classrooms. Because of these positive outcomes, there has been interest in using the technique in online environments. This study determines student and faculty attitudes toward TBL and RATs (in current face-to-face classrooms and potential online classrooms), challenges associated with the RATs (both in face to face and potential online environments), and features needed by both faculty and students in an online RAT tool. This investigation was composed of three parts: student surveys, faculty surveys, and faculty interviews.