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A strong body of evidence reveals that quizzing students using low stakes assessments enhances learning and retention compared to not quizzing. In regards to learning and retention, the way in which students are quizzed is also important. Recall or retrieval practice has shown to enhance learning and increase retention compared to recognition quizzing. The current study evaluated the used of low stakes recall vs. recognition assessments in a hybrid course with weekly online lectures. Participants were divided into either the recall (n = 140) or recognition (n = 111) group. Average participation in low stakes assessments, percentage scores on high stakes assessments, and final exam percentage were compared between groups. The results revealed a significant difference between average low stakes assessment participation. No other statistically significant differences were found. Our study results did not find a signification difference between recall and recognition assessments in online lecturing. However, the type of assessment used did affect the amount of participation in the low stakes quizzes.