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The flipped classroom design is becoming a popular trend among college courses. In order for this design to be successful, students must come to class prepared. The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a class prepared assignment (CPA) in a senior undergraduate Kinesiology laboratory with a flipped design. All participants were required to watch weekly videos prior to coming to a 2-hour lab, once a week. Participants were either in a laboratory section where no CPAs were assigned (control, n = 49) or in a laboratory section where CPAs were assigned (experimental, n = 49). Laboratory quiz scores, percentage of weekly videos watched, multiple video views, and reported student preparedness were compared between groups. The results showed statistically significant differences in laboratory quizzes, percentage of weekly videos watched, and multiple video views. No statistically significant difference was found between reported student preparedness. Class prepared assignments appear to increase participation in pre-class assignments in flipped classrooms and CPAs may encourage students to interact with the content multiple times.