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Health coaching is a popular and effective method to assist individuals in gaining motivation to engage in healthy lifestyle behavior changes. The utility has led to an increased demand for trained individuals within the health care field. A new flipped classroom practicum course was developed to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to learn a foundational skill called motivational interviewing (MI) commonly used in health coaching. The 16-week, 2-credit course (led by three trained, graduate student health coaches) consists of online video lectures, in-class activities, experiential training, and supervised practicum experiences in health coaching. The aim of this study is to evaluate the process, impact, and outcomes of this new health coaching practicum. Measures consisted of surveys to assess participant satisfaction and course impact using 6-point Likert scales and were analyzed descriptively (mean ± SD), along with obtaining recorded MI conversations to evaluate fidelity of the training. These preliminary results support the utility of a flipped classroom practicum course designed to teach undergraduate students the skills of MI; however, extended practice with the use of MI may be needed for students to meet all proficiency levels.