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Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation

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Chicago, IL


The transient electrical potential drop of a four point probe has been calculated for the case where a current pulse is injected into a conductive plate via two surface contact electrodes and the voltage measured between two other contact electrodes. The four contact points can be co‐linear but this is not always case. For example, they can form a rectangle. Usually such probes carry direct current or alternating current and are used to measure electrical conductivity, crack dimensions or variations of conductivity and magnetic permeability with depth. However, the advantage of a current pulse excitation is that information on the variations of material properties with depth can be acquired rapidly and conveniently. What is needed is a means to infer material properties such as the conductivity variations with depth from the transient field measurements. Here, as an initial step in developing this analysis, we report on the evaluation of transient potential drop signals for four point probes on a homogeneous conductive plates.


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