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3. Adhesives and Composites

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As previously mentioned, the ARPA program is divided into three parts. The major part devoted to defect characterization will be discussed tomorrow. The other parts are the subject of today's program and involve some major NOT problems that are not directly associated with defect characterization in a solid. They have to do with the problem of adhesive bonds, the problem of measuring residual stress and some new techniques that show great ·promise for failure prediction. The solution of these problems not only requires improvements in our understanding of the physical phenomena involved but they also require translation into a device for use in the field. During today's program, we will cover the four distinct areas of: 1) adhesives and composites, 2) new measurements and techniques, 3) internal stress, and 4) acoustic emission. I will begin by going over the program, pointing out the connections between each of the talks and introducing some of the ideas that tie the subjects together.



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