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I want to take a moment to give you a few reflections from the sponsoring agency. The Advanced Research Projects Agency has been set up to take chances on high risk R and 0. I have a warm spot in my heart for this particular program because it's the first one that I was fortunate enough to pull together on an integrated basis. However, I have to admit that when it was first suggested by Mike Buckley that I should put a few chips in NOE, I felt kind of blah about it. I felt it was not a risky area, that it was not the colorful type of thing that ARPA should be getting into. The more I ~rd about it, however, the more I realized the importance of this area and that a good investment in some people that Don had pulled together would pay off handsomely. I want to compliment Don and the excellent team he has gotten together. I am particularly excited tonight to have the atteniton of people like Secretary Brownman who, I can appreciate, understands technology and understands that it needs diffusing out into the services. The program is still risky unless we can pull that off. Let's hope that getting the attention of people like Secretary Brownman and others will aid in a technology transfer so that new developments will not be lost for another decade or two, or until someone rediscovers it.



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