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I'm Don Thompson, Director of the Structural Materials Department at the Rockwell International Science Center and Program Manager for the ARPA/ AFML program. It's a pleasure to welcome you to our annual ARPA/AFML Review of Progress in Nondestructive Evaluation. It is the first time that this meeting has not been held at the Science Center; we are very pleased with the courtesies and hospitalities that the people at Asilomar have shown us.

This has been a busy summer for meetings in NDE. The schedule started with a meeting at the Bureau of Standards in April followed by an ASTM meeting in Florida on NDE; a special ARPA session was held in La Jolla in July and a meeting was held at Sagamore last week which was arranged by the AMMRC people;this review is to be followed by an internal DoD meeting on NDE and an international meeting in Cannes, France next week. Despite all these, we have a good crowd for which we're very pleased.



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