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8. Advances in Electromagnetic Transducers

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I'll be talking mainly about surface acoustic wave electromagnetic transducers, EMT's. These are useful for examining near surface flaws, defects or stress gradients, and they are also very useful for examining rough or painted, or dirty, or hot, or curved surfaces, not necessarily in that order. Recently, this technology has developed to the point where it's possible to fabricate identical transducers. What I'd like to show this morning is that it's also very straightforward to design them. There is quite a large flexibility in the design of these transducers, and they give very clean, reproducible and predictable characteristics, which are, of course, what you need for reproducible quantitative NDE measurements. I'll be describing the work we did last year, the development of a model for these transducers. This work was done by myself, Harold Frost, and Jim Sethares.



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