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11. Bridge to Reality

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Gentlemen, I'm probably more out of place than any of your other speakers. Some have noted that they're chemists; some have noted that they're metallurgists. I have no research results to report; I'm a bureaucrat, one of those hopefully nice, gray, faceless, beings from the Pentagon. I must ask your forebearance this morning if I seem.a bit obtuse; where I work a square corner has 108 degrees. Unfortunately, listening to your meeting I quickly concluded that my initial topic for this talk was unsuitable for this occasion. What follows is a different talk. My apologies for the misleading abstract. Now. the office I work in is charged with a rather odd problem: that of somehow arranging that the necessary resources: dollars, people, spare parts, whatever, are programmed and actually delivered to make all of the various equipments which DoD buys ready to satisfactorily accomplish their purpose when they're called upon. This can be somewhat challenging at times.



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