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5. New Techniques and Phenomena

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With new fabrication technologies, disks for gas turbine engines can be manufactured from high strength materials with a substantial cost savings. Utilization of these technologies to their full potential is currently limited by the ability to perform a reliable high resolution, high sensitivity ultrasonic inspection. A computer automated inspection system is being developed to inspect near-net shape disks made by the new forming processes. The inspection system utilizes high resolution instrumentation and adaptive contour following techniques to detect small indications, such as those of concern in high strength powder alloys. The use life of components can be predicted from fracture mechanics principles ff quantitative information about the type, size, shape, and orientations is known. The near-net shape disk inspection system has been configured to collect data necessary to use the new quantitative defect analysis techniques now being developed. The integration of advanced analysis methods into an automated ultrasonic inspection system will set the stage for an early application of quantitative life predictive schemes.



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