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I thought it would be appropriate to make a few comments tonight since this week is the third anniversary of this program. I was pretty new with ARPA and these two guys by the name of Don Thompson and this guy he had gotten to, Hike Buckley from the Air Force Materials Laboratory, came in with blazing six guns. They painted such a picture that I was putty in their hands. So we started this program. I went out on thin ice for it with a pretty sizeable sum of money. I have found that 1t has been worth it over these three years. There have been, however, over these three years so~ ambivalent feelings on my part. How do you measure success? What am I going to say to myself 10-20 years from now; was this program successful or not? I see some signs of success, but I wonder if these successes would have occurred had not ARPA put an investment into the area. I like to feel they wouldn't have been accomplished, but it remains for posterity to show that. Ill! have been fairly successful in getting things implemented into certain services. We have asked Mr. Willoughby to come here tonight from the Navy because the Navy has not been the most successful of the three services. They're not coming in first or second in my book as far as NDE is concerned, but I think when you hear Mr. Willoughby, you're going to hear that Mr. Willoughby has some interesting thoughts on this and I'm convinced if anyone can have an effect, he has a good shot at it.



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