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Moisture diffusion analysis (MDA) has been developed as a new non-destructive evaluation methodology to monitor the strength degradation of graphite-epoxy composite materials. Studies of composite strength degradation due to high moisture identify reversible strength loss due to current moisture content and irreversible strength loss related to prior moisture exposure with microstructure damage. MDA measures current moisture content, directional diffusion coefficients, and moisture concentration profiles. MDA measurement utilizes an electrolytic cell to concurrently record cumulative moisture content and moisture effusion rate. Extension of the diffusion analysis of Shen and Springer isolates directional diffusion coefficients and indicates a high sensitivity of MDA to moisture degradation of the fiber-matrix interface. Extension of the methodology to analyze non-Fickian diffusion shows that MDA can be applied to locate regions of composite strength degradation related to hydrothermal cycling effects. Studies which correlate MDA with ultrasonic response, and interlaminar shear strength of composite laminates subjected to localized moisture damage, show that MDA can be applied to map and locate low strength regions of a composite structure.



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