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14. Test Beds

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Recent studies to determine the probability of detection of nondestructive examination methods by the Air Force indicate that these capabilities are severely limited. One of the factors contributing to the insufficiency of ultrasonic testing is related to a general lack of versatility and capability of commercial ultrasonic equipment. Inadequate instrument reliability, inconsistent components including transducers, and uncertain calibration standards further compromise the potential utility of this method. Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories, under the sponsorship of the manufacturing Technology Division of the Air Force Materials Laboratory, is developing an advanced ultrasonic nondestructive testing system directed at resolving these defficiencies. As a result, this program will establish a modular ultrasonic system specification that will prevent near term obsolescence by permitting the addition of new technology such as ARPA developments in the form of additional or replacement modules. This paper will describe the Phase I and II tasks and objectives which are planned to establish an equipment specification, demonstrate initial prototype systems, and provide a procurement specification and technical manuals. Progress to date will be summarized.



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