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Results of the Iowa Corn Yield Test are published to aid Iowa farmers in selecting com hybrids. This report commemorates the seventy-fifth consecutive year for the test. The Iowa State Corn Yield Test has been, and continues to be, a cooperative project between Iowa State University, the Iowa Crop Improvement Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and their predecessors since 1920. The first bulletin in 1920 reported yield from a Benton County test that included data from 12 open pollinated entries, I l named Reid's Yellow Dent and the 12th Iowa 203. These 12 open pollinated varieties averaged 63 bu/acre (ear-corn basis). Data also were included from a 1918 test in Floyd County and a 1915 Henry County test. The 1921 test, which reflected the first official growing year, included 128 open pollinated varieties. In the early years of the test, yields were not given. The data were reported as percentages of the highest yielding entry. These 1994 commemorative reports provide data for 715 hybrids, with an average state yield of 164 bu/acre (shelled-com basis).

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