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Fall 2018


Agricultural Education and Studies

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Robert A Martin


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Professional Agriculture


Satellite imagery has been used to provide imagery since the 1972 starting with Landsat I (Vogt and Werspan, 2016). For the public to get imagery from satellites, the imagery must be licensed to the public, with this licensing process it makes it difficult to create products from the imagery that satellites provide (Vogt and Werspan, 2016) due to meeting the licensing standards. In addition, the resolution of satellite imagery has a high degree of variability depending upon the satellite’s altitude, image resolution, and weather conditions (clouds) when the imagery is taken (“Price Wars”, 2017). When an image is taken from a satellite it cannot be taken accurately when there is a large amount of cloud cover to hinder the imagery. I currently use Climate in my current job. This application uses satellites and it may take an image of the field weekly to every sixteen days. The amount of days between flights at times is to long as a crop issue may not be captured within the day that the flight is made with a satellite. The 2018 crop year growers experienced changes rapidly with the nitrogen losses from excess rainfall. With a drone, a flight can be done quickly depending upon weather and availability of the drone. Many times, the data can be available within a couple of hours.

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