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Creative Component

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Spring 2019


Biomedical Sciences

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Dr. Alan Robertson


Master of Science (MS)


Biomedical Sciences


Glucocorticoids (a subclass of the steroid family) have a broad range of therapeutic uses in human and veterinary medicine.Glucocorticoids are widely used to treat sport related/induced injury due to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects that allow athletes to resume physical activity, whether competitive sports or personal exercise, in a shorter time after injury. They can also be used to aid recovery after traumatic surgery such as repairing torn ligaments or ruptured tendons. Their route of administration varies from subcutaneous injections to inhalation to injections into intra-articular spaces between bones. New studies have pointed to their possible duel benefits of anti-inflammatory as well as the promotion of weight loss through gluconeogenesis. The negative consequences of their use can be controversial due to their widespread popularity as a treatment option in both athletes and routine patients. This paper will discuss the mechanism of action, clinical uses and possible side effects associated with glucocorticoid use in the sport and exercise setting.

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